You are invited to join in establishing a non-motorized recreational trail that closely follows the Boyne River and retraces the route of the Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena Railroad. Late in the nineteenth century this was the railroad that connected Boyne City to the rest of the world and brought logs from the forest of Northern Michigan to feed the lumber mills on the shores of Pine Lake, now known as Lake Charlevoix.  Until 1910, lumbering was the backbone of the regions economy.  When the lumbering era ended,
the Boyne region became a manufacturing center and used the railroad to import materials and export goods.  The railroad was eventually replaced as highways developed, and commerce moved via a new mode of transportation.

In 2000, several dedicated individuals became interested in re-establishing the BCG&A Railroad right-of-way as a pathway for recreational purposes.  This endeavor was stalled when securing property easements became seemingly insurmountable.  Boyne Valley Township made three land acquisitions in the years 2010 to 2013 which made the establishment of a trailway much more feasible.  Residents of Boyne City, Boyne Falls and the owners of Boyne Mountain Resort have voiced their desire and support to create a recreational trail.  Boyne Mountain and the City of Boyne City have set aside specific pieces of property to assure the possibility of this endeavor, and demonstrate their support for the project.

The Boyne Valley Trailway
Committee has been working cooperatively with the City of Boyne City, Boyne Valley Township and Boyne Mountain Resort to build this trail.  The trailway will not only make walking, running and biking in our community safer and a more satisfying experience, but it will open the possibility of increase commerce at the businesses and amenities that are located at each of the trail terminuses.  Imagine how enjoyable a trail would be that offers a quiet, off road path, along bluffs that overlooks the Boyne River, connecting Boyne City, Boyne Falls and Boyne Mountain. It is not hard at all to imagine how the Boyne Valley Trailway will provide an opportunity to enjoy recreational and healthy activities for our citizens, while bolstering tourism that strengthens our local economy.    

This webpage will provide more information about the Boyne Valley Trailway and how you may become involved with this effort.  Please consider joining our effort by contributing to the trail.

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